Resistance Loop Bands Home Gym fitness Wholesale


Resistance Loop Bands Home Gym fitness Wholesale

  • Size: 5/15/20/30/40LBS
  • Material: Natural Malaysia Latex
  • Color: yellow, green, red, blue, black or customized
  • Logo: Customized logo is available


Resistance Loop Bands Home Gym fitness Wholesale

Loop Bands Made of high quality materials

these 12-inch Resistance Loop Bands are 2 inches wide and are made of 100% natural latex. However,they do not contain thermoplastic elastomers. Our sports resistance rings undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that they are flawless and durable.

Most suitable for beginners or more advanced users

each of our fitness Resistance Loop Bands appears in varying degrees, from light to heavy. Beginners can use additional light resistance circuits and gradually improve. Advanced users can start using more resistant frequency bands.

Great supplement to daily exercise

by using these cycling exercise belts, also make your daily exercise more challenging or better targeted to the muscles you want to exercise. Therefore,put these exercise rubber bands on the legs, arms, thighs, ankles or hands to exercise the hips, back muscles, leg muscles and torso.

Are you ready to use the most versatile and effective fitness band on the market?

These loop bands are very suitable

  • physical education
  • Fitness
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Body shaping
  • lose weight
  • Physiotherapy

How is our band different?

First of all, our loop band is made of the highest quality 100% real environmentally friendly latex (not cheap and easy to break rubber straps). They are stronger and able to stretch further.

Secondly, our band is comfortable, soft and easy to use on the skin. The only way to achieve this is to place the latex in a strictly controlled environment such as temperature and humidity before making the strap.

What makes our resistance band different?

  1. These loop bands have been rigorously tested to prevent snapping, stretching and sweat resistance.
  2. You have set up 5 resistance bands, you can combine multiple resistance bands to find the ideal resistance.
  3. These straps are very lightweight and very suitable for travel and travel fitness equipment!

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Q:What are Loop bands?
A:Loop bands allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises and focus tension on targeted muscles and body parts.You can increase the tension by choosing a different mini band resistance level or just by changing your body position.

Q:What are loop bands good for?

A:In addition to activating muscles, loop bands can be used to add additional resistance to exercises in order to improve strength, muscular endurance and postural balance. ACTIVATION: Improve muscle balance, control and stability by waking up sleeping/under active muscles.

Q:How do I choose a resistance band?

A:Most bands are color-coded according to tension level (e.g., light, medium, heavy, very heavy). 3 It’s best to have at least three—light, medium, and heavy—since different muscle groups will require different levels of resistance.


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